• Tall Mini Band Side Steps #WorkingonthatGluteGame

    Tall Mini Band Side Steps #WorkingonthatGluteGame

    Hello Folks,

    Here is a new exercise that is great for strengthening the hip abductor muscles, specifically the glute medius and minimus (which are both impotant in stablizing the hip, preventing lower back pain and improving performance in runninig/skating related sports). It’s similar to the “Athletic Mini Band Side Steps” but slightly difference since it takes the emphasis out of the quadriceps. To perform the “Tall Mini Side Steps” exercise all you need is a mini band, which are relatively cheapy (only a few bucks usually). After you have your mini band, your going to place it underneath and warpped around both feet. From here your going to spread your feet until feel you tension within your hip. Also, make sure to keep an upright stance, a good neutral spine and slight brace through the abdominals. After assuming this stance, your now going to side-side laterally by focusing on pushing through your hip.

    After performing a few side steps, you should begin to feel a strong burn in the side of your hip, which is one inidcation your working the targeted muscle group. Focus on performing 8-12 repetitions in both the right and left direction.

    Note: This exercise can be used almost anywhere throughout a workout. It can be implemented as an activation exercise, a finisher exercise or even a part of a superset. 

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