• The 4 Point Hip Mobility and Anterior-Core Stability Exercise!

    The 4 Point Hip Mobility and Anterior-Core Stability Exercise!

    The 4-Point Hip Mobility and Anterior-Core Stability exercise is great for any athlete to use as a prehab/warm-up exercise. This exercise not only incorporates hip mobility and anterior-core stability, but it also, involves some shoulder stability. The reason it involves shoulder stability is because you have to activate your shoulders to help hold yourself up in the 4-point position.

    A big reason I love this exercise is because it incorporates both the mobility and stability aspects into one exercise. That makes it so great for any athlete or individual to perform! Another big reason I love this exercise is because you can make it more challenging by adding a stability ball into the exercise or you can make it easier using a stable surface. Therefore, we can challenge individual’s at different levels based on their health and fitness levels.

    The first variation of this exercise involves assuming a 4 point stance on a stable surface. From this position, individual’s should focus on bracing the anterior-core and keeping the chin tucked. From there individual’s will begin to perform hip circles clockwise and counter-clockwise.

    A few key things you want to avoid as someone performing this exercise or as a coach observing is: Is there spine neutral? If not, correct them by showing them and verbalizing to them to keep the back straight and the anterior-core braced. Also, is their neck flaring out? If so, tell them to keep their neck neutral and tucked.

    Now, if you can perform this exercise with ease and are looking to challenge yourself a bit more, then try this variation out in the video below!

    Now, the same cues and things to look for (that I mentioned above) apply here as well. This variation is a lot more challenging and if your up for the task, give it a try! If you can’t perform this with good form or technique, then go back to the regression exercise above and focus on developing your anterior-core stability.

    I’ll leaves things at that and hopefully you can challenge yourself and develop sufficient anterior-core stability and hip mobility!

    All the best!




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