• Tips for Travelling with Lower Back Pain (Disc Bulge)

    Tips for Travelling with Lower Back Pain (Disc Bulge)

    re you looking to travel but your suffering from severe lower back pain such as a disc bulge? Well, I’m here to share some tips with you that I learned throughout my journey of experiencing lower back pain. I can remember, when my pain was very severe, I was afraid to travel because of my back. There were so many different things I would think about. How would I sleep? Is the bed going to be comfortable? Will I even have fun or will I be in pain the whole time? These were the constant thoughts running through my head whenever one of my friend’s or family members invited me to go somewhere.

    And do you know what my answer was?

    I don’t feel comfortable enough traveling or being away from home because of my back, but maybe, once I get better though!

    This would be my reply just about every time. However, after going through a long recovery process and experiencing significant improvement, I felt comfortable traveling again but the whole question I would ask myself is. How would I hold up now, especially since I’m feeling better? By traveling would I just re-injure myself or aggravate my back? Or would I be fine and have a great time?

    I kept these thoughts in my mind and applied my knowledge from human kinetics, as well as an assistant strength coach to the process. The first thing that I would think about is….. Would I be able to workout at the location I am going to? And if not, how am I going to prepare?

    If there was a local gym or gym in the hotel I was staying, I could do my core exercises, stretches, and tissue work there. If not I would have to think of an alternative method and that leads to my first tip!

    1) Be Prepared to do a little workout or home remedy in your hotel room or place your staying at

    What I mean by being prepared to do a little workout is bring some exercise equipment such as a lacrosse ball, mini foam roller, or stretching bands. With these three pieces of equipment, you can do your tissue work, stretches, and workout. Additionally, all these pieces of equipment are very convenient and not very expensive. They can all fit into your luggage or suitcase easily!

    Now, on to tip number 2!

    2) Bring some anti-inflammatory or pain medications

    There may be times where your back may flare up, and you could be experiencing severe pain, and one way to reduce the pain or inflammation is by taking these types of medications. Specifically, during those long trips of sitting or even you may move the wrong way and all of the sudden, you can’t even move! That’s where these medications will come in handy. Additionally, you don’t want to be going to the pharmacy, when you may not even know where it is located in the city your in. By bringing some of these medications along, it saves you from picking some up and also it keeps you prepared at all times in case of a serious flare up!

    And that leaves me on my last trip!

    3) Move around and avoid sitting when possible!

    Consistent sitting is contributing to a lot of problems in society today, and one of the biggest problems people experience with sitting in the lower back pain. If someone already has lower back pain, like an L5-S1 disc bulge, then sitting is going to KILL them! It’s almost like stabbing a knife in their back. Well, not exactly a knife, but you get the idea. So, one thing to keep in mind is that if you’re on a plane, train or a restaurant, get up and move around every 20-30 minutes or so and just walk around. By doing this, it will alleviate some of the stiffness and slightly loosen things up.

    So, guys, that sums things up for today’s post! Those are my three biggest tips for anyone traveling with lower back pain, specifically a disc bulge. If you would like to hear more about traveling with lower back pain, then you can check out this video below, where I share my journey to Toronto and expand on some of my tips explained above!

    Watch the Video Below


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