• What to Expect in 2016

    What to Expect in 2016

    Since, I did a year in review of 2015, I thought I would let everyone know what to expect from myself in 2016! Now, if you haven’t checked out the year in review, then feel free too here Year in Review: The Best of 2015.

    Sooo… What Does 2016 Hold?

    Well, first and foremost, now that I’m finished my internship with the Toronto Raptors, I am heading back to school to finish up my coursework. I have three courses left to take and I’m hoping to get them all done this semester. On top of that, I will also be working as a graduate assistant for a sports therapy course, so it’s going to very busy these next three-four months! After, I get all my course work done, I will begin working on my thesis and do some sort of research that will have an impact on potentially strength and conditioning and other related fields. Now.. that’s the plan for school!

    As far as remisovran.com goes, I will continue to keep writing and providing people with lower back pain tips, S&C tips, exercise video’s, etc. Additionally, I’m going to be working on creating a “Training Manual” that will provide all athlete’s, trainer’s and coaches with some of the most detailed and safest performance training methods. It will include very detailed descriptions, advanced exercises, and some of the most up to date training protocols that I learned form the Toronto Raptors. Also, I plan on releasing a ‘consulting’ service over skype or google hangouts, were if you have any questions or concerns about training, lower back pain, disc bulges, strength & conditioning, or even just anything about life, you can book a session with me! Not sure yet, when all this will be released but I’m hoping sometime before 2017.

    Lastly, I’ve been in touch with some of the best performance coaches in North America, and after my schooling is done, I’m hoping to get a full time job with a professional sports team. Will see what happens in September, as I’d like to gt my schooling done before I commit to anything. Right now, I’m just taking things day-by-day and seeing where things take me!

    All the best to 2016!







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