• Why Do I Spend Most of My Days on the Floor? (Disc Bulge Tip)

    Why Do I Spend Most of My Days on the Floor? (Disc Bulge Tip)

    When people come over and ask me…. “Why Do You Ly on the Floor? I tell them it’s for my spine and part of my recovery. They will usually think it’s kind of weird but…. eh… it’s what I find most helpful.

    The primary reason I spend most of my days on the floor is because it’s how I feel most comfortable without any pain. When I suffered my L5-S1 disc bulge and I know of the diagnosis, I couldn’t sit for longer than 20 minutes without having a sharp pain going down my leg. Also, I couldn’t bend over and lying on my back would also bug me over time. By lying on my stomach, it alleviated some of the pressure that the disc was placing on the sciatic nerve. The reason that the pressure is being decreased is being the force of gravity is pulling the disc forward and back into place. Ultimately, this helps with the recovery process and it also helps relieve some of the pain.

    Over time, I started applying the use of spinal traction to this process of gravity. For those of you that don’t know what spinal traction is, it’s the method of opening up and expanding the spine. By opening up and expanding the spine, this can create more space and room for the disc to slip back into it’s original place. Now, when you apply spinal traction to the act of lying on your stomach, your getting a “double effect”, that is highly beneficial to your recovery. So, what I would do, is hang on an inversion table for a few minutes and then I would go and lie down on my stomach. This way, I was getting maximal benefits of both forces of gravity for my spine. Also, I would sometimes add a heat pack into the mix, every once in a while, if my back was ever in serious pain.

    Now, if your suffering from a lower back posterior disc bulge, then you may want to consider spending your days like this as much as possible. I can tell you that it will be very helpful in your recovery, especially if your patient with the process. Keep in mind though, that you want to avoid movements or actions such as bending over or sitting as much as possible because these may only negate the forces of gravity.

    Remi Sovran

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