• Quick Note on Stability and Mobility Training for Athletes

    Quick Note on Stability and Mobility Training for Athletes

    Too much mobility or too much stability can be detrimental to an athlete’s performance. Just like too little mobility or too little stability can as well. The key is to identify the athlete’s needs and fine-tune them as best as possible to their desired requirements. For example, take a powerlifter, they need ‘lots’ of stability and just enough mobility that allows them to get into a wedged position. Any more mobility may prove to be detrimental. Looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, a gymnast needs lots of mobility and little stability.  Too much stability and they won’t be able to reach the desired motions in their sport. Further, when we take someone like a hockey athlete (different for goalies), they need a balance of both mobility and stability. Too much mobility and too little stability and they will get crushed when they get hit. Too little mobility and too much stability and this may affect their stride length. As you can see each athlete has a desired mobility and stability requirement and fine-tuning each athlete to their desired goals is critical for any performance coach and injury prevention specialist.

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