• What Would You Do Your Thesis On? & Some Ideas for My Thesis

    What Would You Do Your Thesis On? & Some Ideas for My Thesis

    It’s almost that time of the year again.. school! I don’t know if I feel excited or intrigued but I’m definitely curious to see how things go in these next couple months or so. I’ve got of a lot of things to do and one of those things, probably the biggest thing, is my thesis. For those of you that aren’t familiar with what a thesis is, it’s practically a massive research project that usually consists of reading loads of research articles, following ethical guidelines, and putting together around a 100 page paper. Sounds fun eh?

    Well.. time is coming and I have to decide on what I plan on doing for my thesis. Part of the requirement to complete my Master’s degree is to finish my thesis. Now, those of you that know me and have been following my vlog/blog know that I’m doing my Master’s in Human Kinetics. However, for those of you that don’t know why, you can catch up on things with this article here: Why Did I Decide To Come Back and Do My Master’s? Anyways, I’m meeting with my adviser next week to get a few ideas and suggestions about some potential possibilities. Also, it’s important to mention that for my Master’s in Human Kinetics, I have a focus on “applied human performance”. To give you guys an idea of what “applied human performance” consists of, it relates to things like exercise physiology, sport psychology, bio-mechanics, motor control, etc. Basically, anything that you can think of that may affect how we perform as humans!

    Now, personally I highly doubt I will be doing anything related to psychology (even though I have a minor in psych and absolutely love learning how people think and feel in situations) or motor control. My background and passions are mainly in “strength and conditioning”, as well as “rehabilitation”. Also, it’s important to mention that I LOVE hockey and also, helping people out with lower back pain, specifically disc bulges! It’s never fun suffering from lower back pain and no one should ever have to experience severe pain for a long period of time.

    So, with all that being said.. their are a few ideas that have crossed my mind. Maybe doing something related to hockey performance (e.g., MVO2’s, Wingates, Affects of athletic clothing on performance, etc.), maybe bio-mechanics (e.g., Looking at exercise load/forces or disc bulges), or maybe even doing a supplement study (e.g., caffeine, creatine, etc.).

    Who knows? A lot of these things interest me and I’d enjoy doing research on any of those topics. The biggest thing for me is finding the one thing that I’m THE most passionate about and love THE most. So, if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations or ideas, please feel free to leave comment and let me know! I’d love to hear what some of you guys would think is COOL to do research on 🙂

    Note: My adviser has a specific focus on topics related to exercise physiology. 



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  • Posted by Adam on October 21, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    Just a thought as I don’t see or hear of anyone taking about this is the effect of lumbar spine injury (herniation, etc) on hip and knee arthritis and how this ultimately leads to joint replacements.

    • Posted by remisovran on January 4, 2016 at 12:21 am
      in reply to Adam

      True. Good point Adam, that would be something definitely worth looking at!


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